Electrical Works

The firm was established with the specific understanding to meet the demands of the growing market in the field of Electrical Power Distribution and control systems. We aim to be one of the leading Electrical Contractor service providers. we are risk mitigation and cost-reduction experts. You can expect reduced execution costs, proven risk mitigation strategies and industry-specific technical advice combined with global sourcing, procurement and logistics excellence.

Objectives: Our objective is to achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement of customer services. Establishing long term mutually rewarding relationship and to Provide excellent quality services to meet the specific requirement of our customers. Vision: Our vision is to be preferred consultants for companies & corporations in successfully delivering solutions with value additions ensuring Technical Integrity, Quality & Safety.

Power System Design

Electrical power distribution system receives power from 1 or more points of power supply and then distributes it over to different electrical equipment individually. The reason why electrical power systems design is a crucially important concern is that in case of improper electrical design, old & worn out system, there are potential risks of electrical damage. We ensure to make this very important design part to be perfect.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a conscious and explicit set of disciplined processes designed to seek out optimum value for both initial & long term investment. Value Engineering is a creative, organized effort, which analyzes the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs (capital, staffing, energy, maintenance) over the life of the project. In a world where there are now more lighting fixture choices than sand in the desert compounded by daily changes in the technology that controls them, Value Engineering plays an even greater role than ever before in the electrical contracting marketplace.

Design Build

We provide complete design build service. This single-source capability allows reducing job costs and improve scheduling to aid the project management for your project. We are able to initiate design and construction activities in tandem. This greatly increases the success of any demanding schedule.

Construction Cost Estimation

In the world of electrical contracting, you have to estimate and submit bids in order to win projects and stay in business. This means bidding low enough to win against many competing electrical contractors, while high enough to cover all the project costs like labor, material, equipment rentals, subcontractors, and indirect cost or otherwise known as overhead required to run your business. We consult the right way for cost estimation on following criteria's – choosing the right work to build, review the specifications & drawings, creating best estimate, adding overheads and profit, building the whole proposal and double checking on takeoff quantities and estimates.

High Tension Line Work

High voltage transmission lines deliver electricity over long distances. The high voltage is required to reduce the amount of energy lost during the distance. Because overhead transmission lines are not covered by insulation, there are many safety considerations when working and playing nearby. High Voltage transmission lines are a critical part of the energy infrastructure we depend on. They are installed and maintained by skilled professionals, and they demand respect because of the energy they carry.

Low Tension Line Work

We consult in installation of Low tension lines and maintenance of these power distribution lines. We help identify the accessories installed on LT lines along with electrical switch gears and their components. We explain the safety tools and tackles required for working on preventive maintenance of overhead lines.

Power Transformer

Constituting one of the largest investments in a utility, plant or industrial system, transformers are extremely critical apparatus for providing reliable energy flow. We offer our expert consulting services for specification writing and review, proposal evaluation, transformer design review, independent inspection and test reviewing, core and coil inspection, pre-processing and pre-tanking inspection and acceptance testing. We help in latest transformer design criteria for anyone working with old specifications.

Panel Manufacturing

The main objective is always to provide high quality Control Panels and prompt after sales and Services. We majorly aim to help provide with panels having high performance, easy operations, easy to install, less maintenance cost, a sturdy frame and a longer life. All types of panel manufacturing is being serviced including MCC panels, PCC panels, LT panels and junction boxes.

All electrical installation & commission

We provide consultancy services pertaining all types of electrical installations & testing such as electrical wiring testing, insulation resistance testing, earth continuity path testing, earth resistivity testing and performance testing. We assist in scheduling and planning the fulfillment of installation. We also help in commissioning works to carry out tests of automatic sequences, emergency sequences. Help in pre commissioning, cold & hot commissioning.