Fabrication Works

We have a vast experience towards designing and fabrication for many industries. Our consulting specialty is in pharmaceutical machines parts, food industries, packaging industries, oil tanks, pressure vessels and many more. We are committed to give satisfactory results to our esteemed clients with all our ability and quality work, which they demand. Customer satisfaction is our prime motto. In present scenario, we do consult for stainless steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication and as well as we project consultancy also. We have experience consulting for automation, new fact setup, productivity improvement, project management etc. So we are glad to introduce ourselves as consultants to improve your fabrication levels as well as project success.


The pharmaceutical industry is evolving rapidly. New facilities for the production of next-generation medicines must be designed and built quickly and cost-effectively while ensuring the highest possible levels of quality and safety during construction, commissioning and start-up processes to meet needs. Offsite fabrication of facility components and equipment can help drug manufacturers achieve these goals. We guide you through the whole process for fabrication involved in the manufacturing of all types of drugs.

Hotels & Kitchen Equipment

Conceptual plan of your future kitchen is put forth in the form of a diagram which, ultimately, becomes your commercial kitchen plan. We understand that every food service establishment is unique and operates differently from others; commercial kitchen plan is designed to produce as per client's requirements with a prior detailed kitchen planning, equipment drawings and service layouts of kitchen. We believe that, hotel kitchen equipments should be one of quality, reliability and consistently capable of producing consumables which is the main need.

Railing Works & Grills

The grill fences and railings fabrication industry in India comprises various medium and small companies that manufacture wide range of simple and decorative ornamental products from mild steel, stainless steel sections tubes and rods, as also from cast items. Lately the stainless steel fabricators are coming off age in view of shopping and other commercial buildings in urban centers. We are one of the leading consultants in manufacturing Window door, Grill gate, Railing and Railings Accessories & materials.

Oil Tank [SS & MS]

Oil Storage Tanks are used for storing various types of Edible Oil like Refined Oils, Mustard Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soyabean Oil etc. Essential Oils can also be stored in these tanks like Sandalwood Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Almond Oil, Teatree Oil, Clove Oil etc. Our consulted product helps to precisely design and use the best grade basic material and modern technology. The provided product is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its optimum strength and durability.

Pressure Vessels

The fabrication of a pressure vessel is a detailed and precise process. Immense care needs to be taken to ensure that the quality of the vessel is excellent, & that the fabrication meets all the requirements of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code & global safety stds. We help follow the important design steps before fabrication which includes listing the design criteria, performing mechanical strength calculations & generating fabrication drawings. After successful approval of fabrication designs, we guide through the whole fabrication process involving cutting, rolling, welding, fitting pressure vessel cylinders, forming pressure vessel heads, hole cutting for nozzles, structurals, final inspections and quality checks.

Panel Box

We are the best people to guide through the manufacturing of high quality assortment of Panel Box which may include SS Panel box, SS panel fabricator, IP rated panel box, customized design panels, control panel for pharmaceuticals and packaging machinery, enclosures and cabinets.