Water Treatment

We are pioneers in designing different types of Water treatment plants. The immense experience gained by designing, planning, construction, operation and management of these plants have helped us to set a high standard and implement sophisticated and efficient waste water treatment technologies for our clients. We consult in design and construction of all kinds of water treatment plants.

We have effectively designed, engineered and commissioned water treatment plants for various industries like sugar, solvent and oil extraction, pesticide industries, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries chemical and mining industries, to mention a few. We also take up operation and maintenance consultancy. We believe in providing the best services for our clients without compromising on the quality, keeping the time frame and budget in mind.

STP – Sewage Treatment Plants

We have immense experience in designing Sewage Treatment Plants for cities and townships and private sectors. We have designed, engineered, and commissioned Sewage Treatment Plants and Sewage treatment Package Plants. These treatment plants are developed on the basis of our client's requirements. We also standardize different techniques employed in sewage treatment. Our sewage treatment plant designs are in complete concurrence with the guidelines and regulatory norms of the state pollution control board and other regulatory authorities.

WTP – Water Treatment Plants

The process in which the waste water is treated differs with the kind of pollutants in it. We keep all the parameters in mind before designing and setting up a waste water treatment plant. We aim at achieving a sustained increased flow rate and optimum COD/BOD levels. Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing water treatment plants with the latest and appropriate technologies. We customize the water treatment plants to our client's requirements and also optimize the treatment procedures employed. Our waste water treatment plants are long lasting, technically sound and have equipment of superior quality.

RO - Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is an increasingly popular water purification technique, and we strive to provide the newest and best products available to our clients. The main purpose of R.O. is to eliminate contaminants in water to decrease the risk of scaling, deposits, microbial fouling and degradation in mechanical systems.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool water Treatment is a complex challenge. We are highly experienced in the Swimming Pool section and have offered comprehensive solutions. Be it occulation, filtration, pH value correction or disinfection of swimming pool water and whether for a 10m pool in a hotel or a care facility or for a water park with more than 20 pools, we can provide the best treatment solutions.

Project Maintenance

We understand that in certain instances there is a lack of resources and/or expertise to properly operate & maintain wastewater treatment works. We step in to deliver a complete and holistic solution for our clients. We provide the client with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services which are customized for their specific needs, based on the treatment solution provided & the extent of their available operational and maintenance resources. We guide throughout annual maintenance, up gradation of existing plants & any relevant need which may arise within the project

RO Water Supply

Supplying a quality array of RO water supply system is the key to be in this trade. We exactly understand the same and guide you throughout the whole process. Testing the water systems on various quality parameters & offering details on water systems with various specifications and customized options form the core of our consultancy.

Material Supply

We are experts to make sure that the quantity, quality and the composition of the chemicals used in the material for water treatment projects is checked thoroughly for accuracy and precision. The chemicals offered should help in treating wastewater by removing suspended solids, viruses, fungi, bacteria, algae, and minerals and thus making it fit for various usage. We have been in know of the best suppliers in this trade whereby we suggest them to enable successful project work.

Boring Survey & Maintenance

Common queries answered in boring survey includes, how to identify a suitable borewell, what should be the quality of water in the borewell, types of pumps to be used for a broewell, yield of a borewell and such other important factors. We also carry out inspection of the bore well to assess the performance of yield, suggest pump set to match with the yield, pressing of the whole pipe assembly in the case of shallow casings, Systematic chemical sampling (quality testing) of the bore water.

Motor Selling

While the pumps are different, they all share the common architecture of an electric motor and a method of controlling those motors. We guide through the process of motor choice for your water treatment project. First and foremost is the suggestion for contactors. Apart from it things we look at importantly is overload relays, motor protection circuit breakers, applications of the motor controls with different types of pumps.